Rio 2016

Only a couple of hours to go until the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games, and I’m so excited!! It begins a fraction before midnight for us here in the U.K, so I won’t be able to catch the whole thing live this evening – I’m working in the morning! It promises to be, as always, a superb precursor for The Greatest Show on Earth.

Rio seems to have been scrutinized a great deal in the media over the last few months, and sadly not a lot of the reports I’ve witnessed have been positive. Lots of question marks have been raised over a variety of health and safety issues, as well as concerns over building regulations. The local emergency services have seemingly been trying to deter tourists, apparently for their own safety.

I remember similar news stories before the London 2012 games. Everything was doom and gloom in the media. There were reports that London’s transport system would collapse under the extra strain. That the nation would not buy into the event. That stadiums would be empty, and even that the summer would be a washout.

Well, the tube ran as usual. The nation roared for Team GB (for every team, in fact). By the end, tickets were like gold dust. The sun even came out once or twice!

Despite recent doping allegations once again highlighting the dark side of sport, momentum is finally gathering for the 31st modern Olympic Games, and I know Rio will provide a perfect setting and a beautiful backdrop for one of the most exciting and inspiring sporting events on the globe.

Coverage is just starting…good luck and best wishes to Team GB!!


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