An Idea For Judgement Day V

I had an amazing idea a couple of months ago which I was so excited about that I emailed the WRU and Pro Rugby Wales regarding the matter. I thought it’s time I shared this on my blog!

I’d been thinking of ways to make ‘Judgement Day’ – Welsh regional rugby’s showpiece event – even more exciting and to add extra spice to the day for the teams and spectators alike. I’d thought for some time that somehow making the double-header a competition in its own right had some potential to grab the attention of supporters. For some time I toyed with the idea that the four Welsh regions are placed in a league table following the results of the two games, with the team that was victorious by the most points on the day being crowned Judgement Day Champions.

Then, while talking it through with Emily, I had a bit of a eureka moment. Given that Judgement Day took place during round 21 of the Pro12 this year, it was the last time that any of the Welsh teams played against each other this season. This got me thinking: perhaps Judgement Day could provide the thrilling finale to a wider competition within the Pro12, without requiring any additional fixtures.

My proposal is called The Regions Cup. In a regular season, every Welsh regional team plays six ‘derby’ games – home and away against each of the other three Welsh regions. Therefore, wouldn’t it be awesome if a separate league table existed alongside the Pro12 table, consisting of only the four Welsh regions? The results of the derby matches would feed into and help determine league positions in both tables simultaneously. This would then culminate in Judgement Day – a festival of rugby which would see the final two fixtures in The Regions Cup competition, therefore seeing one of the regional teams crowned champions. Seeing a trophy lifted on Judgement Day would make this event such a hot ticket!

I compiled a Regions Cup league table based on this season’s Pro12 results, and I think it makes interesting reading. Ospreys would have lifted this year’s trophy, despite finishing in 8th place in the Pro12 – behind both Scarlets and Blues. They have performed better in the derbies than overall in the league this year, as have Cardiff Blues. Here is the full Regions Cup table:

Position Team Pld Pts (+/-) Match Points
1 Ospreys 6 23 22
2 Blues 6 9 18
3 Scarlets 6 26 17
4 Dragons 6 -56 3

My proposal was met with real positivity by the folks at Pro Rugby Wales! It would be absolutely amazing to see something like this take place in the coming seasons. I think it would be a really positive move for the professional game in Wales.


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